Autism Parent Support Programme
During this 8-week parent support group in English, designed and presented together with Jet Sichterman of Expat Child Psychology and Helen CLaus of Inclusion4all, we will cover a number of topics that you may be facing with your child. Additionally, within the safe atmosphere of the group, you will be able to explore what it means to be a parent with a child on the spectrum, how it affects you and your family and how it affects other families. You will find support from the other families going through similar experiences and have the opportunity to offer support to them too.

Psychological support
I provide support to children with special needs and in difficult situations through consultations for both parents (online or face-to-face) and children. In my work with children, I choose the most appropriate technique and create a plan based on the request of the parents and tailored to the needs of the child. My vast experience in working with children with severe impairments, other children with special needs, and children suffering from anxiety or communication or learning difficulties, allows me to help any child who needs support.

Support for learning and cognitive skills development
Children experience problems at school often because they do not know how to better organize their learning process and to focus on the tasks they need to perform. After a few failures, children may lose the motivation to learn. Attending school might then become pointless or even cause misery.
Does your child have difficulties with concentration at home or at school? Does your child achieve unsatisfactory grades, or not want to go to school at all? If any of these are the case, your child might benefit from psychological help focusing on the development of cognitive skills like concentration, memory and perception, as well as support in organizing their learning process.

Sandplay therapy
In my practice I often use elements of sandplay therapy. This method has proven value in allowing children to release tension by building a mini-world with miniature figures in a tray of sand and through tactile sensation. Sandplay helps children find solutions, which they can then apply in real life.

Art therapy
Children explore and express their feelings through creative processes. Does your child suffer from anxiety, unbearable emotions or low self-esteem? Does your child have difficulties building relationship at school or at home? Art therapy – using materials such as colored pencils, chalk, paint, clay and dough – can be effective in these situations.