Natalia Balaeva

Я очень благодарна Кате за помощь моему сыну. Занятия были очень эффективными и в то же время проходили в очень уютной и доверительной обстановке; ребенок ждал их с нетерпением и посещал с удовольствием!

Veronica Goussatchenko

I would like to recommend Ekaterina to others. Ekaterina is the psychologist specialised in working with children with special needs. She worked several years in Russia with children in government-paid organizations and, while living in the Netherlands, she helped children from expats families. She did help me through the teenager period of my two children. Both my kids are creative and intelligent, but had different pshyhological problems with social contacts. My son tries to avoid contacts at all, and my daughter (considered by her school as highly intelligent), though rather social, had difficulties with finding a good relationship balance with her classmates. Ekaterina is always looking deep into problems, taking into account various aspects. She gave me and my kids a number of valuable practical advices. Ekaterina loves her work, she is continiously learning and growing professionally. In addition to her university Diploma from Russia (recognized by the Dutch authorities) and work experience in her home country, she completed MA in Development Studies at ISS. The study gave her a good insight on practices in different countries. Currently she is working on her PhD thesis at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In conclusion, Ekaterina not only has an extensive practical experience but also a profound academic background. Certainly this will be a a good choce to ask Ekaterina to help your child.

Zinaida Khrabrykh

Екатерину я знаю уже больше 20ти лет. Все эти годы она с увлечением работала с разными детьми. Она хорошо понимает и чувствует ребенка, легко находит с детьми общий язык.

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